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The Mysterious And Spectacular Beauty Of Thuy Tien Waterfall

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If you are an adventurer and want to have a chance to explore and admire the majestic and beautiful scenery of mountains, forests, rivers or falls, let's discover one of the most amazing waterfalls in Vietnam with

It is Thuy Tien waterfall, located in Dak Lak, Vietnam. This is a beautiful destination for both domestic and foreign tourists. But nowadays, due to little - known, the fall still remains the pristine and pure beauty. It is not only wonderful, but it also brings a great legend during the thousand years about a brave and loyal woman called "H’Nang”. According to the legend, one time, the weather was hot and it was always sunny without any rain. H’Nang’s husband and their children went to find another land which had better weather. But, they didn't come back for a long time. Therefore, H'Nang decided to go to find her family. Unfortunately, she was exhausted, she was tired and couldn’t try more. She died on the dry stream. Suddenly, in the place she died, water started flowing again. Her hair stretched to the stream and turned to a gentle and beautiful waterfall. It is Thuy Tien fall nowadays.

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The way to come is very beautiful with the winding road, coffee fields, and the green rubber forests. There are many beautiful valleys and spectacular mountains around. Laying among all of them are the marvelous stream with lonely bridge. The mountain is blurred in the fog along with the gentle breeze evoking tranquility and peaceful moment.

Thuy Tien Waterfall consists of 3 levels. The first level has a low slope, with steps up and down, the water flowing smoothly between the green tree painting a beautiful picture of the cool and fresh air combined with a truss of the flower which covers the whole waterfall. Both sides of the waterfall have many tree roots which fade down looks like beautiful little swings that make people remember to the image of the forest boy with laughter in the crispy and clear.

The second level of the waterfall extends with successive stone steps. Also at this cascade, there is a place where the water flows down, white and clear to form an open-air swimming pool. Visitors immersed in the clear and cool water, moreover, that is the wind, the sound of water, it helps to clear away all fatigue of the route and the life.

The third level of the waterfall, the water flow is not gentle but poured straight down from the top to create a deep lake. Then, it gently turns into a flowing water bending between the vast and majestic mountains, evoking the hearts of tourists overwhelmed and unforgettable.

Visitors come here to experience the glamorous beauty of the waterfall, to feel the majestic and amazing nature of the landscape. And it’s sure that there is no word can’t describe the pure beauty of Thuy Tien waterfall. Come and experience on your own.



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